Saturday, January 3, 2009

Matthew, Johanna, LuLu and Maddie

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day!

Samie and LuLu

Christmas Day!

Lonnie & Melissa

Amber, LuLu's Mom

Chris and daughter LuLu. Maddie has her back turned.

Lonnie and daughter Samie

Sahalie and Baby Samie.

Chris and daughter Sahalie

Christmas Eve!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Across the street where Dave works

and the field he crosses.

Looking down our road.

Latest snow, Our front drive and

cherry tree.

More Snow!

Well here it is the New Year and what little snow had melted down has now replenished.
We have over 4', and we are expecting a "deep freeze" this weekend.
The roads are very dangerous!
We had a nice quiet relaxing day yesterday. We watched a couple of movies, An old Columbo and
one called "Catch Me If You Can" based on a true story.
We had a Turkey dinner and enjoyed the evening.
A few more pics.