Thursday, October 20, 2011

LuLu has all her toys lined up and she is feeding them pumpkin seeds.

LuLu, scooping out the "guts" as
she calls it.

LuLu and her pumpkin.

Granddaughter Sahalie
out like a light!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Memorial Service/Graveside Service

In Honor of Merrel Ranald Hethorn
age 86.

Uncle Ev and Aunt Arlene

Eric taking over digging of grave for Brent.
Very rocky ground.

Claudia, Tom
Holly and Mark

Becky and Claudia

Shannon, Becky, Eric, Kari and Skip

Leslie Allen, Lani

Chris and Codey Hethorn

The last of the Hethorn men

Pastor David Hethorn reading scripture

Chris covering grave

Mom Hethorn
Holly Wilson and daughter

Pastor Dennis Wilson

Brent Neep

David, Uncle Ev, Aunt Arlene
and Skip

Brent digging the grave.
Grandkids: Derek, Maddie and

Mom Neep, Eric, Olivia,
Tom and Claudia

Mom Hethorn and Mark

Melissa and Judah, Lonnie,
Codey, Kari and Eric and
Olivia in the way back.