Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Robins are back!

We've seen several big fat robins bobbin along in our backyard.
Spring must certainly be around the corner.
All our mountains of snow are melting rapidly, bare ground is showing, yippeee!!!!!

Exciting things are happening in our lives. We are seeing God move and work.
Many of you know that we not only moved back to Cd'A to be of help to Chris
but to see a work start here. It has been pretty discouraging the past 1 1/2 years and we had almost resigned to the fact that we were going to have to move to an area where we had a good sound
Church to go to. Maybe move back to Medford and our old Church Liberty Baptist. We sure have missed the folks there or Dave thought of Pastoring again. He contacted a Church in Arizona and one in Montana. Well the one in Montana knew a man here and asked if he had heard of us. No he hadn't but he would find out. He viewed Dave's Church website and contacted Dave. He and one of his sons came over and of course asked lots of questions. Come to find out we know this man's parents and had gone to Church with them many years ago in Post Falls. To make a long story short we met in this families home on Feb. 8 for Bible study. There were 3 other men present. We were 12 in all. The singing was great and Dave taught on True Fellowship out of 1 John.
We decided the next Sunday to have Bible Study at our home (they have animals and our daughter and granddaughter are allergic). During the week this brother called Dave and told him of more families interested in coming. Some were ill but we still had 11 come. Dave taught out of John 10, The Shepherd. This past Sunday was our third time meeting and we had 22 come. Six families represented. Dave is starting a series out of Matt. 5 on The Sermon On The Mount. Wow, how these folks love to sing. We are so excited to see how God is Blessing, working and growing a Church here .

You may ask why another church group aren't there enough in Cd'A?
My question is, How much are you willing to compromise to be in those Churches?
Until next time.

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