Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are continuing to see God working.
I ran into my elderly neighbors at the grocery store yesterday
and they asked if we were still having our Bible study on Sunday
mornings. They had been wanting to come for a while but hadn't seen our sign outside and
thought we had moved or something. I told them yes, we were having Bible study
and that last week we had 22. They said they would be here.
They came and 22 others. So our fourth week and we had 24 today, Praise the Lord!
It's amazing the people that are not happy with the churches in the area and are
looking for straight forward preaching, old fashioned singing and good fellowship.
What will the Lord do next week.........


Lady of the Plains said...

I am glad to hear that the group is growing. Very encouraging.

Shirley said...

Praise the Lord!!
maye it takes a little politcal unrest to shake thing up