Friday, April 24, 2009


The past few days have been very hectic! I've been trying to keep up the Carepage and not my blog. Mom and I stayed at the hospital all day yesterday and waited until 6:35 pm to see and talk to the doctor. He was impressed that Dad had walked three times and was doing well.
He asked Dad if he'd like to go home on Friday. The doctor put an order in for a hospital bed and Mom and I went to a Medical Supply store and picked up a couple things. Dad still needs a bedside table. He will not be able to bend nor can he stand for any lenght of time. This is going to be a difficult ordeal for Dad.
I went over to the hospital around 2:30 pm and the bed had been delivered already and Dad and Mom were waiting for the discharge orders. Also Dad was dehydrated so they were rehydrating him. Mom will let me know when he gets home.
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Thank to all who have been praying please continue. This is not over yet. Dad is terminal and we don't know how much time he'll have left. We are confident that God will give him the time he needs. All Dad wants to do is read the Bible and be a witness.

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