Monday, April 6, 2009

We had 20 in Bible study on Sunday. Samie was ill so Missy's didn't make it.
Dave has changed up the study. More question and answer time. More like
a Bible study instead of a Worship service. We still sing hymns for about30 minutes.
We all love to sing! The study is still in Matthew the 5th chapter. We are studying
about Hungering and Thirsting after Righteousness.
We had sad news on Friday. My Dad saw the Oncologist and the diagnoses is that
Dad is in last stage bone cancer. He is in a lot of pain. He had his first chemo treatment today
and Mom said he is doing well, but still in pain. It was a big shock at first when the doctor
told them that without treatment Dad would only live 2-3 months. I went over there yesterday and they both seem to be handling it well, better than me I couldn't quit crying the rest of the day. They are at Peace about it and just want to be a testimony. They know that God is in control. Bless Dad's heart, as sick as he is he still went to the assisted living home and held his Bible reading service.(A tribute to my Dad) My Dad is the most godly man I've ever known. He always as far as I can remember back to 1969 when the Lord saved him has had his nose burried in the Word of God, always concerned about his testimony, a prayer warrior, high standards , a man of humility. Of course he would deny this and say he is unworthy and wretched of all men. He has been the biggest spiritual influence in my life. I am so Blessed to have been born into this family. I pray that God will be near to Dad and Mom, see them through this trial ,ease Dad's pain and suffering
and if it be His will give him a few more years with Mom.
I will post things about Dad from time to time.


Lady of the Plains said...

My dad received a similar diagnosis. 2 months. It"strong one, the head of the household" weak and ill like this. My prayer is for the Lord's will regarding your dad and for the Lord to wrap His arms around you and your mom. May you feel the Lord's presence and know His peace. -

GG said...

Again, we send our love and prayers! We will be home an a couple of weeks. Love you guys!