Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Each day brings some change.
Mom and Beth picked me up at 8 am and we went to breakfast. We had a good time visting and enjoying each others company before we got to the hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital Dad had already been to get his Cat-Scan. This was done to mark the area that the radiation would target. The 2 units of blood Dad received yesterday were depleated and he is not producing more. So another blood transfusion was on the list for today.
Dad was feeling pretty poorly. Also Dad was told he had a tumor on his spine. No wonder he is in such pain. The hope is that the radiation will shrink the tumor. Dad will need 10 radiation treatments which means a 10 day stay in the hospital.
When I walked into Dad's room I was greeted by our first Pastor (John Sheeks). This is the Pastor whom the Lord used to bring us to Christ.
It is amazing to me the people God is bringing back into our lives all these years latter.
Dad and Mom's Pastor Dan Nickerson came and visited and prayed with us. What a Great man of God.
My sister Vickie and her daughter Sarah arrived at 3pm. It is so nice to have them here.
Like Mom said it's too bad it takes something like this to get us together.
There will be lots of family coming in the next several days. It will be nice to see them. Some I haven't seen in 33 years.
Keeping you all posted, Lorie


Lady of the Plains said...

I agree with your mom. It is indeed too bad that it takes something like this to bring a family together.

But I am glad you are having a "family reunion" of sorts. Enjoy seeing them and catching up.

Praying that the radiation will shrink the tumor and give your dad some relief.

Lorie Hethorn said...

Thank you Lady of the Plains.

Your encouragement and comments are greatly appreciated.